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Which movies can you ...


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A League of Their Own


Finding Nemo

Billy Elliot

The Wedding Singer


There are others I love, yet these are the ones I go to the most for comfort.


ETA: I really enjoy The King's Speech, but there is too much sad baggage associated with it. Casablanca almost borders on that, but Rick didn't have the burdens of King George, or the pain of Princess/Queen Elizabeth.

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Used to be Strictly Ballroom. Now probably Gosford Park.




These are both on my watch-many-times list. Also Young Frankenstein, Sense and Sensibility, Groundhog Day, Amadeus, The Princess Bride, and Pretty in Pink. Not a movie, but I also never get tired of the Fry and Laurie Jeeves and Wooster.

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Many of my favorites have already been mentioned (GWTW, Sound of Music, LOTR, Monty Python, among others), but I will add:


Muriel's Wedding

Dazed and Confused

Sense and Sensibility (Ang Lee's)


I also have a sick fascination with watching Less than Zero and I loathe it.

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I could watch every Coen Brothers movie over and over and over.




Forrest Gump


Napoleon Dynamite


Pride and Prejudice (BBC version with Colin Firth)


All Harry Potter movies


All LOTR movies


Legends of the Fall


Sweet Home Alabama


Steel Magnolias


Dirty Dancing




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This is an incomplete list.


Rear Window

Gone With the Wind

Dial "M" for Murder

The Philadelphia Story

The Godfather (we have the clean version)

Indiana Jones

Back to the Future (although the second one doesn't make the list)


Muppet Christmas Carol

It's a Wonderful Life

A Christmas Story

Vacation and Christmas Vacation

A Face in the Crowd

Wizard of Oz

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Andy Griffith gives an amazing performance! He really showed how well he can act in that movie. I've always loved him.



Anyone used to Andy Taylor (as I certainly was when I saw this film) may be shocked by Griffith's portrayal of Lonesome Rhodes. Great performance.


Bill ( who is now dying to see A Face in the Crowd again)

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50 first dates

Gone with the Wind

Harry Potter


Pride and Prejudice (BBC)

It's a wonderful life

Dirty Dancing


Pump up the volume


A horseman riding by

The Cazalets

The Good Life (Good Neighbors)

Yes (Prime) Minister

A Town Like Alice

Pete's Dragon

The Princess Bride

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White Christmas

The Muppets Christmas Carol

The King's Speech (my very favorite movie!)

Apollo 13


Ocean's 11

My Big Fat Greek Wedding



I know, right?!! Isn't it amazing? Love, love, love that movie.


This has been a fun thread. Lots of movies I'd forgotten about.


Adding to my list of favorites:


DEAD POETS SOCIETY (how did I forget that one????)

Amazing Grace

North and South (BBC)

Parenthood (the movie)

and the trinity: Christmas Vacation/Christmas Story/Elf (annual tradition, though my girls watch Elf year-round)


TV Shows:

Freaks and Geeks (oh my gosh, a BRILLIANT show!! DH was the age of the younger brother in 1980 and had some of those outfits...)

White Collar (which blatantly manipulates my emotions, but I'm hypnotized by those blue eyes and just.don't.care. :001_cool: )

Alias (the father-daughter theme just kills me, in a good way, and the supporting cast is fantastic)


Oh, and a movie that might end up being a "watch again" : Take Me Home. I watched it awhile back and it's stayed with me, so I think I need to watch it again.


I love Netflix instant streaming. There are *so many* good movies I'd have missed without it.

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Bull Durham

50 First Dates

When Harry Met Sally


The Holiday

Catch and Release


Many others already mentioned as well. If I really enjoyed something, I can watch it over and over again. I tend to steer clear of anything too serious or depressing. I have seen Gone with the Wind more times than I can count but don't spend too much time with it anymore as it is just too depressing.

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