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where do you have your guinea pig cage?


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Rocky actually has two cages. He's in a big 2-story cavycage in my 14yo's bedroom during the day. At night, he is in an under-the-bed storage box in the bathroom. It isn't nearly as big as his daytime cage, but it's still a lot bigger than any commercial cage. It's 3.5 feet long and 1.5 feet wide (as opposed to the daytime cage that is 4.5 feet long and 2.25 feet wide). We use a bath towel instead of litter in that cage too.


We very quickly discovered that guinea pigs make too much noise at night for my dd to sleep through. Switching Rocky to the bathroom at night works fine though.

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When we had them one cage was in ds's room, the other in the corner of a large family room. If the door to the entryway is rarely used then I think it could work. Perhaps cover the side of the cage that faces the door to block any draft, then be mindful of the pigs when/if the door is used. Our ds's room got rather chilly at night in the winter. I kept an old fleece blanket draped across the back of the cage (kept the wall clean and kept any cold from the wall off the pigs). We never had an issue with illness, we had two boy pigs in there.


ETA: I do agree re: keeping them where they'll get lots of interaction. Ours loved to chatter everytime the fridge was opened, lol.

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