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Um, yeah, I can answer that one....


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I was poking through the Marriage Builders site because of a link on another thread, and I saw this:



The question of the ages:

How can a husband receive the sex

he needs in marriage?


Answer: Foreplay. Don't be a selfish jerk in bed, and she MIGHT be interested in spending more time there. "Problem" solved.


I mean seriously, now, that is probably the MOST ABSURD article that I've seen on that site. It starts from the assumption that there is a historical imbalance between men's and women's libido, when anyone with the slightest grasp of historical law knows perfectly well that the plaintiff in cases of sexual abandonment in ancient Jewish society were almost all WOMEN.


It's only been within the last 200 years that WESTERN society hasn't believed that women were naturally the more lusty--and it's only been in the last 100 years that female orgasm has been proven not to be involved in conception. It's awfully hard for anyone to think that for over 2000 years most people thought that women had greater libidos than men and that women had to orgasm to conceive and yet frigid wife/frustrated husband is a biological normal.


The stupid pseudo-science just makes the article worse.

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