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Help me help them!! :)


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A local pet rescue dear to my heart, Austin Pets Alive!, was approached by Best Friends Animal Society and presented with a challenge. If they could raise $25,000 before the end of the year, Best Friends Animal Society would double it. They're already at $18,597. If you have any spare change floating around, would you consider donating to APA? Here's a link to the fundraising challenge. (If you don't want to participate online, you can also mail them a check marked "$25,000 dash" in the memo line.)


Austin Pets Alive! has been instrumental in making Austin the first city in TX to attain a no-kill status in its shelters, meaning that over 90% of animals who enter the shelter walk out of it. After acheiving this status in early 2011, it has maintained that status through November 2012 (December's numbers aren't out yet). In 2012, APA alone saved almost 6,000 animals. The money would be a huge blessing to them as they have some financial challenges ahead of them this next year. They were given the old animal shelter last year and were promised it until 2014, but the city is now requiring APA resurface each of the kennels (to the tune of $100,000!!) or they will lose their permit.


Thank you!!!

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