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Two raves for SWB audio/video materials...


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Bit the bullet and, based on a friend's recommendation, bought the MP3 of "A Plan for Teaching Writing: Focus on the Elementary Grades" from the PHP store. I was very, VERY impressed. Even if you're not using her writing materials (we are starting WWE soon), I think this gives a really good overview of a very sound philosophy of teaching writing. She also offers lots of practical tips - definitely worth the $3.99 price!


And then, for free, there's

about schooling through the high school years. I think it should be required listening even if you don't have high schoolers yet (I do). As an experienced homeschooler, she talks about practical realities like the appeal of school, the gap year, mommy burnout and so many other important topics.


Just thought I'd spontaneously share these because they're awesome! :thumbup1:


What are your favourite SWB resources (free and otherwise) that have helped you implement WTM philosophies in your schooling, parenting and elsewhere in your family's life???

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I had just recently watched this video and was thrilled to hear SWB talk about taking a "gap year." I never heard of this term before but I have thought a lot about sending our kids to college (it's only 8 yrs away, ya know! LOL) and I have been dead-set on my kids taking a year (or two!) off after high school to re-group, study whatever they want on their own, have a job, etc. I told my husband that I'm already afraid we will fight about it when the time comes and I said FYI, I feel strongly that our kids will need this. I myself felt rushed into going to college (i.e. choosing a major and therefore a career!!!). I think if my husband and I had had full-time jobs (or even the same part-time job for a year or 2 straight), going to college would have taken on a *whole new meaning.* Seriously. Epic motivator for choosing a wise career, thinking twice before you take on thousands in loans that you and your *spouse* whom you don't know yet will still be paying off when your oldest kid is 9 (a-hem)!!


So it's funny and reassuring that she is saying the same thing about the "gap year" that I have been thinking about on my own.


For the record, I will probably let my child choose if at that point they really want to go to college right away. But I will definitely encourage them to take it slow and thoughtfully as these decisions they make at 17 & 18 greatly impact their ENTIRE life. Thinking and praying about it, working and saving up money / buying your own car, does not mean you missed the boat! It means you will be prepared!

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(Some posts are missing that were here earlier.

Delaney - Yes, you can put them on your iphone. :) Just stick it in iTunes, and it will put it on your phone for you. ...Copied from boscopup's answer)


I especially liked Homeschooling the Real Child when I picked it up during Peace Hill Press's (Black Friday? Cyber Monday?) sale. It is worth it at full price, too. The stories she tells are hilarious! Great for a laugh.


I didn't care for Jesse Wise's If I Could Do It Over Again. I think part of the problem was that I had great hopes for that one & my expectations weren't met with reality.


I haven't made it through Writing Without Fear yet. One of my favorites that I listen to over & over again is The Well-Prepared Student (Getting Ready for High School) and I need to relisten to Teaching Students to Work Independently again soon. I think it is worth listening to once a year.

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