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Cleaning Panic


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I feel overwhelmed by big messes or projects, too. Just focus on one area at a time. Make it something very visible so you can see immediate progress. For me, the hardest part is often just starting. Put on some music that you enjoy, a talk or audio book, and get moving. Do you need a decluttering buddy? I need to tackle my bedroom and bathroom.


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A few years ago, I read a tip from a cleaning expert that recommended starting from the left side of the door or entrance of the room and working your way clockwise around the room. This gives you a starting point, you always know what's next, you can see the progress as you go, and it ensures that you're not duplicating efforts (like constantly recleaning the same area).


It seems too simple, and like it couldn't really make much of a difference. But I've been using this approach for a few years now and it's really made a difference for me. It reduces my overwhelm because the "next step" is always clear - you just keep working your way around the room.


HTH and good luck with your decluttering! :-)

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I like to pick an area where I can make a big visual impact, something that is glaringly obvious when I first walk into a room. I am starting on my bedroom now, which is messier than usual because it was my staging area for wrapping Christmas presents. I always like to have a bag for trash, container for give away, laundry basket, and a place to put stuff that goes elsewhere so I am not constantly running back and forth to other rooms.


Good luck with your basement.

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You can do it!!


You've already gotten great advice.


We had a corner of the basement that was the go to spot for all the stuff we didn't know what to do with:

"Mom, where does this go?"

"Just put it in the basement, I'll deal with it later."


Then I said yes, to hosting a party and needed the whole basement. I was in tears at some points but I survived. It took longer than expected and sometimes I had to make deals with myself. Things like: I will deal with ten items and then get to walk away for a bit.


Having the last bit finished has been a relief. I hadn't realized how it was hanging over my head all the time. 'Out of sight, out of mind' actually doesn't work with me.


So again, you can do it!!!

*shakes pom pons, does a kick, writhes in pain*

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