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ugh pregnancy vent


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You know that stage when no sleeping position is comfortable for more than 20 mins and all you really want to do is lay on your stomach? Yeah, I'm right there! Thought a change of venue would help so I am on the couch, but I was wrong.


To make matters worse, it is hot, I have heartburn, and someone who should know better (yeah, I'm looking at you DH) moved my Tums and now I can't find them.


5 or 6 more weeks...just 5 or 6 more weeks....

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I can so relate. I'm so tired but I'm lucky to get 6 hours in bed at night because by then I hurt too much to sleep but too tired to actually do anything. I have 2 giant bottles of tums from Costco. One sits right next to my bed and the other is on the counter in the kitchen (plus I have smaller stashes in my purse, my coat and the diaper bag. But I have to take those in addition to Rantidine, without rantidine, no amount of tums in the world keeps the heartburn under control. I've only got 4 weeks left but it sure feels like an eternity.

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