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Any working (outside the home) moms out there - past or current?


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Right now I'm working 2 ten hour days a week, and one half Saturday a month. We've been able to do this without daycare, because my absolutely wonderful mom-in-law watches the munchkins for us and because my husband's work shifts are opposite of mine.


I will be transitioning to a casual position at my job, maybe a few hours a week and keep the Saturday, fill in when I can when then need someone. Still have to hash out the details with my supervisor. I don't want to completely quit, because I know that if i don't stay in practice I'll forget most or all that I've learned and know (medical lab technician). If I don't use it, I loose it! It is a little scary, since it will mean a big drop in our income. But with the three munchkins and homeschooling, it's just not going to work to stay working.


Has anyone else here worked and quit? Any helpful hints on transitioning to a stay-at-home mom?

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I've gone through varying stages of employment over the last 17-18 years. As a Physicat Therapist, I know what you mean about "use it or lose it." Pre-children I worked 50-60 hrs/wk. After DS10 was born, I went down to 40-45 hrs/wk... then 30 hrs/wk... then 20... After DD6 was born, I SAH for about 15 mos... Then I worked 10-15 hrs/wk for about 2 years... Then SAH for about 6 mos... Then we started HS'ing so I did that FT... Then I started doing some fill-in work, about 10 hrs/month.... About a year ago I took my current job at 20 hrs/wk... We still homeschool but DH owns his own business and he is able to juggle HS'ing and the kids on my two 10 hr days. If he has to go deal with a client, he either takes the kids with him or pays the neighbor to watch them for a few hrs while he is out.. Anyway....


What keeps me sane (ish) are my friends. I joined a local MOMS Club when DD was born. Even though I do very little with the actual club, I still hang out with that group of ladies. I belong to a local HS'ing group and occasionally go on field trips with them. I go to the gym about 5 days/wk. I take continuing education classes (either home study or in person) at least once/quarter.

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