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Doorposts? I just ordered the Character Building set! Tell me more!


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Do any of you use Doorposts? I feel like I have read little reviews. I'm on their fan page, and read GREAT comments there. I have found a few blogs online reviewing their materials. I have a friend who loves them, and I've found a few comments on different forums, but I would love more feedback! I ordered the set, so I do plan to make use of it. I typically don't care for "parenting manuals" of any sort, but I'm happy about the Biblical standpoint. I am not one to know where to go in the Bible for specific things, other than using the concordance in the back. I like that idea that these are books that can be used for my children throughout their growth here in our home, and carry it into their future.


I know I have read a couple of people saying that some verses are taken a little bit out of context, but I will be aware of that. I also know in the "For instruction in Righteousness" book there is a particular suggestion for a lesson that I don't agree with, because I know it wouldn't sit well for us as a family, but I also know the book is FULL of different ideas and verses, so I can choose what I feel and know will be of use for our family.


Can you tell me more?


I'm looking forward to being able to apply and teach my children and help them grow up to be Godly people. I didn't have the same opportunities, even though I grew up in a Christian home, Christianity was something that was learned about at Church and while I was taught some things at home, it was more of rules, rather than knowing God and knowing why he wants us to live according to the Bible. Through much heartache in some parts of life, I've realized why I needed to obey those "rules" (that once had little meaning to me). I don't expect my children to be perfect, but I want to offer them the opportunity to have what I didn't (making God the center), I don't believe God should be just rules, he has meaning, the Bible has meaning, and God's word is His living word, and the Holy Spirit can be a work in my children's hearts, and it's my responsibility to teach them!


The price of the books made my jaw drop, but I also know for us that God needs to come first in our homeschooling, and unfortunately I don't always make time for Bible. I want to make it my priority to apply these books into our daily activity, whether it's reading verses, doing an activity in one of the books, etc. I hope I don't regret my purchase!!

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I ordered Plants Grown Up a while back and am amazed by it. It was definitely worth the money. I was going to order the parenting essentials package but the shipping alone was going to be over $17. I found all of the pieces individually on Amazon and, even with extra shipping, it was less expensive.


I am excited about using their products for setting spiritual goals for me and my sons (Plants Grown Up definitely helps with this) and using some of the other items for Bible study material. I am excited and looking forward to receiving this latest order.

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I have quite a few Doorposts materials- For Instruction in Righteousness, Plants Grown Up, As Unto the Lord, some of their charts, etc. I LOVE their products! I love them because they are an incredible resources for teaching my children the precious Word of God. Under each subject they have many verses that apply to a whole gamut of situations. They have many, many suggestions on how the verses might be applied to your children. But, obviously, they are just suggestions and you as a parent choose what is best for your family. I haven't really found any verses taken out of context but have found that some verses apply better in different situations. All of the verses are faithful to the context but they have included all forms of the topic found in Scripture which is really nice. I like to think of them as a giant textbook of scripture helps for me to come to again and again for different situations. I appreciate their suggestions too even if I don't use them all as they have ideas that I would not think of. I have used "For Instruction in Righteousness" so many times! The Bible is so precious and I long to make it the center of our lives as you said. I long to create a home in which the gospel and Scripture permeate every aspect of our lives and is not just a subject tacked onto school. Christ is altogether lovely and His saving grace is so precious!


The price is very expensive but the books are really huge! Plants Grown Up is 480 pages long! Plus, the CD that comes with the new ones is really nice to have. You can find them used sometimes for a good price.


I also use "For Instruction in Righteousness" and "Plants Grown Up" in conjunction with some other books.The other resources help me teach and instruct my children in a way that reflects the gospel and magnifying Christ for my children. It is His precious work on the cross that they need to save from their sins.


Leading Little Ones to God by Schooland

Sheparding a Child's Heart and Instructing a Child's Heart by Tripp

The Faithful Parent by Pearce and Scott

Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Piper


All this to say, I think that you will be greatly pleased with your purchase! I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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