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Spent Christmas Eve/early Christmas morning at the ER with dh....


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We had a good day yesterday getting ready for Christmas and went to the 5 PM Christmas Eve service. We came home and puttered around a bit, and the kids were asking to open their Christmas Eve gift. Dh said he wasn't feeling well and at first it seemed like a digestive issue. We did the Christmas Eve gift exchange, but his pain kept getting worse. It settled in his right kidney so we debated going to ER or just doping him up to get through Christmas. DD18 gets kidney stones and I have chronic leukemia, so we have some pain meds on hand. But I was hesitant to give him painkillers without verifying that he has kidneystones. He was having some pain in his right lower abdomen as well as the kidney, so we weren't 100% sure it was kidney stones or maybe kidney stones plus something else. When he started throwing up, I said ok, that's it, we're going to the ER. He was still throwing up from the pain when we got there, so they took him right back and got an IV in and gave him morphine and zofran. They didn't help. His pain level was a 10 when we got there and it got WORSE! He was getting pumped full of fluids but couldn't pee at all. He was shaking and couldn't lie or sit still. I wanted to cry but I had to stay calm if I was going to be any help at all. After two hours of no relief whatsoever, they added toradol and reglan which mercifully knocked him out. Ct scan showed 3 tiny stones, and as the doctor said, that kind of stone hurts like the devil. Thankfully, the kids let us sleep in this morning and dd18 stuffed the stockings. Dh got up to do gifts, took more meds, and went back to bed. He is nauseous from all the meds but at least he's not in severe pain today. Funny, I don't remember seeing kidney stones on his wish list!

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