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Best wishes to all tonight!


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I'm working tonight but I can't whine about it. I'm still at home, snug in my office, listening to my youngest padding around his room quietly. Waiting for him to settle down so DH and I can be Santa's elves. I'm choosing to work this evening so I don't have to work tomorrow, but can still meet some client deadlines at the end of the week without feeling rushed on Wednesday.


I worked Christmas eve on his first Christmas, seven years ago, but then it was outside the home. I remember fighting traffic to get home in time to share cocoa and set out cookies with my older son before he went to bed. Back then, DH and I were happy I had found a job (he had recently lost his) and even happier for the time and half that meant we could afford both a few gifts and the rent that month. Now, I am working for myself, in our dream home, with my two young men tucked in nearby. How much things have changed in seven short years!


I know many here are struggling this year. Like us, you may have been struggling for many years and don't see an end in sight. Hold your family close and find the joy in life even when things are hard. They can get better, as now only hindsight has proven to me. Yet, through those years of struggle the memory of hot cocoa with my then little boy, a baby asleep nearby, is what warms me. Times were bad back then. But oh, they were also so very, very good.


Much metta to everyone on this Christmas Eve, may the next year bring you all peace, joy and love!

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