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Who else is celebrating Baby's First Christmas this year?


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This is a special Baby's First Christmas for us, because barring any surprises from God, it's the last time we'll be celebrating a first Christmas.


While I'm sorry that Chickadee's first December has gone by so fast, I still can't wait to dress her in Christmas dress tonight! And her first Christmas jammies that everyone but Moose has worn (he was only six weeks old at the time, so he needed his own first Christmas set!). Even though they never remember it, it's just such a special celebration!


Any pictures to share? I'll probably post something on my blog about it tonight or tomorrow.


Who has the oldest baby celebrating their first Christmas? Any that were born right after Christmas last year and missed out in 2011? Any tiny little ones that could play Baby Jesus in the church Christmas program? Aren't first Christmases fun?


Merry Christmas!

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It feels like the twin babies' first Christmas, since they got out of the hospital for the second time just before Christmas last year, and it all went by in a big blur. I did have some lovely newborn Christmas outfits for them to wear that I'd bought at a rummage sale six months earlier, wondering if they would both be girls (they were). One was in white velvet with red trimmings, the other in red velvet with white trimmings.


So this year, their first second Christmas. :)


Erica in OR

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It's our little guy's first Christmas and he's having a blast! My extended family was over tonight and we were singing carols and he was on the floor just bopping along and clapping. He stares at the tree like it's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. And my Aunt gave him a crocheted football and he kept shouting "Ba! Ba! Baaaaaa!" as he chewed on it. Then my cousin came dressed as Santa and he studied him, couldn't figure out who this joker was.


Christmas is so much more fun with littles around!



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We have a seven month old! We totally ripped him off on presents! We spent about $75-$100 on our three older kids and he is getting a $10 rattle! We never would have done this to our oldest!


All he wants in life is to snuggle with mama! We are taking advantage of it while we can! I'll try to post a pic of him with his rattle tomorrow!

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