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How do you find out dispostion of arrest case?

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I really don't know hardly anything about the arrest simply that it was reported in the newspaper. I see the individual walking around. I know the initial charge (Child abuse) but no nothing of the circumstances, nature of type of abuse, or anything like that. I see that he is still with the family. I don't want to spread rumors so I have not said anything to anyone since I didn't know hardly anything. I think that not too many people read the police blotter but since I live in a small town and we don't have many arrests, I do read it for my small town and a few other closely adjoining little ones. I happened to read of the arrest. I really don't want to be talking of this unless I find out there are serious allegations and not simply an arrest that was dropped (as maybe from some misunderstanding). The difficulty I have is that I know this family has playdates with others that I know. I know the mother slightly from homeschool co-op and I know their daughter a bit more since she was in a class that I was assistant to. I don't know the father hardly at all - just a hello at certain functions. I know the daughter doesn't act as if she is abused- she is a happy, bubbly child. Any help?

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Florida puts LOTS of stuff online....


Here in lake county i can find a lot of arrest info at the sheriff's site and the county clerks site. You can probably find out a ton that way. I haven't gone hunting for crimanal charges at the county clerks site - no need yet, but i was able to call DH and tell him his boss had a traffic court date this morning.


Let your fingers do the walking.....


Here are my sites to help you know what to look for:




YOu can also find lots of papers people might not want you to see too......

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