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Walmart & Christmas Shopping 2 days before Christmas


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Sound like a good time to you? Nope, didn't to me either. But....


What we ended up doing (as I have a borderline mental health issue with shopping..can't STAND it) - was...to log onto the Walmart website and selected items that were there as "site to store".


Got there today, made a beeline to the area where there is a site to store counter. No lines there, nothing. Guy took our order number, waltzed back out with everything in about two minutes flat, zipped the credit card and we were done. Probably took under ten minutes from the moment we got out of the car and were headed out. It was like zippy cool dream amazing. I am so floored at how easy that was.




If the site to store price is higher than the actual floor price of that Walmart, they discount it to match. We saved another 30 bucks discounting we weren't expecting.


Shopping never gets a 5 star from me, but this was really cool.

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