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Can you help me with a last minute gift idea (11yo girl)

plain jane

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Was she expecting the Ipad? If not, I think this alone will take over the whole day for her (exploring, apps, etc.). I always second guess myself after wrapping gifts. This year however, I am not looking back. We cut our gifts to four apiece, and although I worry that dd9 will be disappointed, I hope that they understand that they are lucky to have something under the tree at all.

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Totally random ideas


Umbrella/rain boots

New outfit or GC to her favorite store


Pillowcases to decorate with fabric markers

Bedroom accessory (lamp, mirror, wall clings, blanket, wall hooks, etc)

Desk accessory

iPad accessory (keyboard, case, car charger, screen protector, kickstand, extra long power cord if her bed is far from a wall socket)

Ear buds

Wireless mouse/mouse pad

Special tote for things like nail polish

If she goes on sleepovers: a travel bag and supplies like toothbrush/hairbrush etc.

Shower gel, lotion, foot cream, body butter, bath salts, body scrub, nail brush, loofah

iTunes card

CD/DVD/Video game

Hair accessory (bands, bows, clips, pins, brush)

Movie tickets

GC to family activity like bowling, ice skating, roller skating

perfume/body spray

shoes/boots/flip flops

own suitcase



favorite sports team items (sweatshirt, bobble head, ball cap pens etc)

scarf, hat, gloves


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I don't know. I'm sure she won't mind the art supplies ;) It has been on my mind for a bit but dh convinced me that the iPad was cool enough and she didn't need more. Thing is, all the other kids are getting toys too. Toys they asked for. I couldn't get this one to make a Christmas list (she doesn't like asking for things) so it is hard to shop for her.


I'll admit- I have "issues' surrounding Christmas that I don't want to get into. As a result, it's really important to me that the kids are happy with what they receive.


I remember 3 or 4 years ago she was longing for an AG doll (her first) and I had no idea she even wanted one. We ended up getting her something that came in a box pretty much the same size/shape as an AG one and she was so excited (we put gifts out in advance). She liked what we got her but 2 years later, she shared her disappointment with me and it broke my heart. She did say she wasn't expecting one but when she saw the box she thought for sure it was the doll she had wanted for so long. Oy.


I know this probably sounds awful. Please don't judge me. Christmas is very difficult for me. :(


You sparked a memory for me. My brother (now deceased) once asked for skis for Christmas. Under the tree was a long, somewhat-thin, tube-shaped box. He was so excited when he began opening it--he had that little anticipatory smile on his face--but...it turned out to be a golf club.


I could see the let down.

It's part of my own healing, but I'll tell you, that moment still brings me to tears, Jane, so I think maybe I know a little of what you are feeling.


He went on to LOVE golf--it became a life-long hobby. And he was truly ok with the golf club as a gift.


But there was part of him I saw die a little that day--OK, that's prolly WAY too strong, but let's just say he experienced a door shutting and a change in life direction. You see, skiing was something HE was interested in, even tho he'd just been a couple times. Golf was my dad's interest; being the first son, he was rather dutiful towards his parents, and wanted to please them so much--he struggled for years to get his BS degree in Engineering like his dad, but couldn't quite manage it; 17 years later, I believe, he finally graduated, with some other degree.


This is just to say, I easily over-invest in other's feelings, and concerning my brother, I have added poignancy because he's no longer here, but there are moments I saw him hurt, and those memories are strong. I never want my children to feel that.

I would give him all the damn skis he could ever want, if I could.


Sometimes Christmas and other holidays reveal the places we need to heal--you just have to get thru them until you can do the work you need to.


Hugs to you.

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If you have a BJs near you, they had (at least the one near me) a bunch of different mini AG doll sets with books and also other AG craft/activity sets.


I know how you're feeling about not wanting to have a disappointed child. We exchanged gifts with my BIL's children last night. My DD7 was disappointed that she didn't have a "toy" to play with like her younger cousins, even though her gifts were what she had told BIL and SIL that she wanted.


So I am off to get one more little "toy" this morning, since I was already worried about this child (my youngest) having gifts that were on the older side.

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My family used to give an item related to a new priveledge each year. For example, a fake watch when we were then allowed to stay up 30 minutes later, shaving crean when we started shaving our legs, nail polish when that was allowed, a homemade neighborhood map when we could explore larger boundaries on our own.


What about a fancy journal or calligraphy set?


AG books?


I concur with the ipad accessories or gift certificates.


Sports items?


Other magazine subscription?

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Are you sure she won't mind getting the art supplies along with the other things? Maybe some fun jewelry or pjs ?




This is what I was going to suggest also. Do you live where it's cold there are a lot of fun hats and gloves this year or a gift card to her favorite store?

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i would buy her a gift card to go-along with her ipad. it will be fun to have some money to spend at the app store :)


This is a great idea. Also, earbuds if they don't come with the ipad. My kids like the cheap Skullcandy buds because they are colorful and they stay put.

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