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The things we learn on nature programs...


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Did you know that the Pearl Fish has a really, really unique and disgusting place to hide from predators?


I do, now.


And so far the game of the morning, as we are on Christmas break, is Hide the Pearl Fish in the Sea Cucumber. :blushing: The things you learn from nature programs. Or as DH would say, "They couldn't make that up!"


Oh, and the sea cucumbers are also mating and laying golf ball eggs in the couch cushions.....

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So a fish hides inside a Sea Cucumber? I'm I understanding that correctly? I'm confused.


Well, a sea cucumber is essentially a tube....and yes, they hide inside it.


We didn't have the follow-up dramatizations in our house, however. Good luck with that. Lol

I'm just hoping they get it out of their systems BEFORE Christmas at the MIL's house.

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