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Anyone familiar with using Picasa for digital pictures?

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Does Picasa store your pictures "online" or are they only stored on your computer?


I'm trying to figure it out....


I know you can make "web albums" which would then be online but.... are the regular downloads I make when I empty the digital camera just on my computer? So if my computer crashes - we lose everything.


Anybody know what I mean?


Are there any other online picture places that store all your downloaded pictures online?


:confused: thanks

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I burn back up disks and keep them in a safe deposit box. Picasa makes it pretty easy and CDRs are cheap.


Let me correct myself, when you download from your camera via the USB that came with your camera, the images are stored on your hard drive. The beauty of Picasa is that it finds all you images and helps you organize them. I get really annoyed with my lousy file management skills (can't find which folder I download pics into), so Picasa has been a lifesaver for me.


Apparently, Picasa Web Pages offer 1GB of free storage. I admit I haven't tried it yet.






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Like NicksMama said, the pics are on your computer, other than the ones you publish to web albums.


Most free storage is limited to a gig or so, but you can get gig thumb drives for ten bucks these days. Have dh or your mom store them at work (or anywhere not in your house). You can get a few of those and rotate them every month or so (so you always have one at home to do backups, and another offsite).

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