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I've seen that a lot of people on here use and really like Tapestry of Grace. I was wondering exactly what it is you like about it. What makes it better than the other curriculum that is available?

eta: I completely missed that this was asked in the high school forum. My oldest is in middle school so please ignore this if it was high school specific.


I feel uncomfortable saying that I think TOG is better than other curriculum. We used Sonlight very happily for 6 years. TOG fits us best at this time because I have a 3 yo, second grader, fourth grader and seventh grader. I finally decided last year that I was keeping us altogether in Sonlight, figuring out my own books for the youngers and adding projects ie doing TOG the Sonlight way. Maybe I should try TOG and use it folding in all the great SL books that I have. It worked really well for us so we've kept on.


I like that my middle schooler has independent history work with strong questions to answer. I really like the discussions that we have. I like doing the planning of the week myself. I love the alt resources bc having so many choices frees me from thinking that I have to finish a certain book. Although I really miss the comprehension questions from SL, it is freeing that the TOG lit sheets can be used for many different books so I can sub in books if I want. I like having the fine arts integrated for me and I like the projects. Marcia Somerville thinks like me so I really click with TOG and never had the fog.


Now I have focused on what I like because that's what you asked. If you want I can tell you what I don't like.

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I've seen that a lot of people on here use and really like Tapestry of Grace. I was wondering exactly what it is you like about it. What makes it better than the other curriculum that is available?


What makes TOG better for my family than other curriculum

  • There is something for everyone. We're doing year 3 right now, and the lower grammar literature is doing a run through of fairy tales. Even my little 2 and 3 year olds are able to sit and listen as I read the fairy tale of the week to them. Some of the activites are appropriate for the littles. My 10 yo loves the lapbook. He reads and reads and read through the week, then we sit down on Friday and complete the lapbook together. It gives me an easy way to discuss his weekly reading at his level. My teens have age appriopriate readings and discussions.
  • I prefer to have fewer curriculum than more. TOG gives me writing, literatre, history, geography, and art history in one lovely bundle.
  • It was created by a mother of 6 children who wanted sanity and an excellent education for her children. I've been working through her lectures and implementing the suggestions in my household. My stress level has decreased while the quality of the children's education has increased.
  • It is adaptable. I'm able to change the children's reading or substitute books if needed. We sometimes have trouble with the accountability questions, but they're still getting the big picture of the topic we're studying. I can also focus on what I think is important.
  • I adore having all the children on the same general topic, even if the focus changes a bit. It keeps me sane!
  • The reading at the dialectic level is incremental. The kids are reading a few pages in one book, a few pages in a second book, and a few pages in a third book. My reluctant readers last year had no idea how much reading they were actually doing each week.

My teens are challenged. My 10 year old is happy reading and creating lapbooks. My tots usually have a picture book to have read to them and an activitiy or two. And I'm only dealing with 1 master curriculum rather than trying to keep track of 5-15 different curricula.

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I switched to TOG just in time for D level work. Up until then I had used Sonlight for PreK through 5th grade when we covered Eastern Hemisphere Explorer.


I'd like to spend a moment reflecting on my Sonlight history and why I switched. I began with Sonlight a long time ago and honestly at that point there were no other curriculum like it on the national market. There were things like Beautiful Feet and Five in a Row but neither was as comprehension and covered as many grades as Sonlight. Oddly, when I began I had doubts about continuing with Sonlight to high school. The programs they had at that time did not appear to me to be challenging enough. However as the years went on I became more convinced that I would stay with Sonlight. However by the time I reached the summer before my oldest would do Eastern Hemisphere I had begun to have doubts. My youngest wasn't getting a lot of out of the lower cores I was doing with him, and there was an ongoing conversation on the Sonlight 5 forum about the short comings of the reader questions. Yes, there were lots of them, but none of them were in any way asking the child to step to the next level instead they were all comprehension questions. One mom even wrote her own questions to the readers. So I began a search to see what else was out there. Fortunately the home school world had grown quite a bit in those 6 or 7 years and I had lots of choices.


So why Tapestry for my house? Some folks have already shown some of the important parts. The combined children aspect was helpful and the ability to turn my oldest, very strong reader, loose and yet have a fully detailed wrap up discussion at the end of the week was very freeing.


For high school I am not afraid to say that I think Tapestry pushes as hard and as deep as any other program out there and way beyond many. You can very easily compare book lists to find out what they do and don't cover (although you'll also want to look at their scope and sequence to learn the works that are included in the Norton Anthologies that they use in the first two years). For instance last year's lit, Ancient History included: a book of Ancient Eygptian poetry, another volume of ancient Mesopotamian poetry, Gilgamesh, a book of literary analysis of The Bible, The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid, and six Greek tragedies. In other areas like philosophy and government you also dipped into other ancient writings on those topics. I'd be shocked to find that any other packaged curriculum provides more than this.


However, it is exactly this that should give you pause, this is not a program for the feint of heart. They do give trimming lists so you can narrow down the lit selections but the history is equally big and no trimming lists exist for it. I do believe it is easier to trim down than to add up, but it maybe that for another child or family this is not the right program.


The other thing that will give some folks pause is the Christian content of Tapestry. In the Ancient time period, they probably spend more time on Biblical events than a secular program will and through out the whole program they ask over and over about the right motivations for the actions of the players in history. They use books to focus on the heros of Christian faith, but they also study the progress and failure of Christian belief and theology in history.

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I've seen that a lot of people on here use and really like Tapestry of Grace. I was wondering exactly what it is you like about it. What makes it better than the other curriculum that is available?




_"cliffnotes" for the history each week. Detailed discussions for D that let me lead a socratic discussion with 30 -45 minutes of work a week on a topic I know next to nothing about.


-Read alouds that we all enjoy


_quarterly unit celebrations to enjoy and make memories with


-integrated geography ready to print and go


-integrated vocabulary


-flexible writing assignments I can use with IEW



Better than others:

I don't know. I've only used SL preK, and FIAR before stumbling on TOG. It's better if it meets your goals and needs. I bought in early while kids were in LG. Each year of history is getting used nine times at the minimum. I'm free to focus on high school credits, extra curriculars, job skill analysis etc.


We're currently using TOG for our 6th year straight and are in yr 2 our second time.

feel free to Pm specific questions.

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