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Does anybody here know how to cook a Christmas goose??

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Seriously. We were given a goose (it's in our freezer right now) and I was wondering if cooking it would be much different than cooking a turkey or a chicken? Does it taste much different? I am nervous about my kids not liking it and wishing I had made something else for them to eat as well....(if I didn't go to that much trouble)....I normally don't fix 2 meals, one for the adults and one for the kids....but when it's a new main course deal, I sometimes will make an exception....but will I need to do that??


Please help me....from start to finish...don't leave out any (even small) details.



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I love goose. It will taste different from a turkey, darker, more flavorful meat.


Cooking -- there will be a lot of fat, I mean loads and loads of fat. You will have to empty it out of the pan during the cooking process, otherwise , the pan could overflow and start a fire (I guess). Save the goose fat -- it is prized for French cooking. If you don't want it yourself, perhaps you know a French or German or Hungarian, etc person who could use it.


Amount of food on the bird -- less than turkey per pound of weight.


I have done the Julia Child recipe for roast goose stuffed with pâté filled prunes. It's from one of the Mastering the Art of French Cooking volumes. I did find the recipe online, but I'm not sure if it had all JC"s instructions. It I have time later, I can check. BTW, I would skip the stuffing -- unless you can find gigantic prunes, it is painstaking and frustrating.


The important thing to remember is that geese have not been overbred like turkeys -- so you will not find low-fat, gigantic breasted, bland white-meat birds. You will really have to take into account the fat and roast the bird from all sides (I do turkey this way too) and pour out extra fat. Oh, and you should prick the skin to let the fat escape -- I can't imagine doing this with turkey.


Here is what I found online, but I think the original recipe had more detail


Oh, and sorry about the dead kitten's in the recipe!!

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