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Ideas for Mandarin enrichment, elementary (readers, websites and so forth)?

Uff Da!

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I'm looking for ideas for enrichment that my k'er (and possibly the preschooler as well) can do on her own or with a little help from me, something to amuse her while I'm cooking dinner or playing legos with her little brother and to help her keep up her Mandarin come summer. She's doing the 36 Better Chinese books at school. I don't have experience with any of the other materials offered by Better Chinese and there are not many reviews for their supplementary material. We can't spend a lot on this and Chinese is completely new to me.


Thank you in advance for any ideas.

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Here's the TV links:







and a reading link:




and Better Chinese is free online for 30 days:




Hopefully, wehomeschool will let us know if I missed something. My bookmarks are in multiple folders on my computer. (You would think Chinese would be one folder but no.... :) )

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Guest MummyRoo

Wink to Learn have a series of flashcard DVDs (with words in Traditional or Simplified characters) with basic vocabulary to simple sentences, followed by another level with poems and short stories http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXH9FrVCqmA. They also have a set of nature facts DVDs (in English and Mandarin) - all of which my 3y/o enjoys and the literature says they are designed for children under 7 children, too. They also have Chinese songs in CD or karaoke DVD format.

They aren't overly expensive and ship worldwide, and if you sign up to their members newsletter there are often huge discounts.


Little Pim is good, but the second set (level 4-6) don't have chinese characters displayed on the screen - they use pin yin.


We love the My First Chinese Words series from Better Chinese, too. The books come with an audio CD which my son enjoys listening to by itself while he plays.


There is also www.childbook.com who have lots of books/dvds/music etc.

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