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My 6 year old needs phonemic awareness boot camp, LOL...where do I start?


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I'm getting a hunch that our reading/spelling lessons (Spalding) would be MUCH more efficient if I took a couple of weeks (or however long it takes) and SERIOUSLY work on "Phonemic Awareness"....(phoneme manipulation, blending, segmenting, initial, medial and final sounds, rhyming etc.) I know that I could probably put something together with the Ayres list words, but I'm wondering if there is something else out there already put together that really drills these particular skills?


Any ideas???



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We loved Marilyn Adams, Phonemic Awareness in Young Children (about $25 @ Amazon). Although it is designed for classrooms, it was easy to implement (didn't have to tweak, if I remember correctly) at home. I *think* I heard of it through Core Knowledge, and their recommendations are solid, IMO.


Other good things to do include lots of simple verse (like Mother Goose) and rhyming games (You can make up your own or get packaged ones fro Lakeshore or other education vendors). Recordings of verse also work well. Here is a source of great free downloadable recordings. I like this site because most of the recordings are done professionally by excellent actors/narrators:




Another fantastic book is Peggy Kaye, Games for Reading. Not specifically phonemic awareness, but could be a big help. BTW, Peggy Kaye has a number of early learning books, all wonderful.


Oh, I wanted to add that I think it is GREAT that you are recognizing phonemic awareness as important -- I wish more people did! Reading will be so much easier when kids can really hear and remember the sounds.

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