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Might be going to Malaysia..hints and recommendations

Adrianne in TX

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We may be making a trip to Malaysia in the very near future (like this January) for just a week and half. I am hoping Heather or any of you other world travelers could weigh in and give some ideas of day trips (if that is safe and feasible). I have 2 kids 9&10 who have never been out of the country,one very adventurous, one not so much. We want to see the beach for 2 days or so and then we are open to historical, cultural or just fun sights. If you have things to not bother with...that might be just as important! Thanks!!!

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We'll be spending 4 days in KL over the holidays, after 4 days in Singapore. I think we are going to get a 2 day ticket for the KL Hop on Hop off bus, which will allow us to get our bearing and visit any of the major attractions easily. The website is good, with a list of stops and attractions. We'll probably try to get to the zoo. Batu Caves sounds impressive, but I'm not sure my 6yr old will handle the steps with the necessary grace and good humour to make it worthwhile. My sister told me there are loads of monkeys at the Caves - no food in hand or in outside pockets of the backpack or they will steal it! We live near the beach, so won't worry about that.

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East or West Malaysia?


nature - Pulau Tioman (West Malaysia), Langkawi (West Malaysia),

historic - Melaka/Malacca (West Malaysia), Penang (West Malaysia)

Longhouse/headhunters - Sabah (East Malaysia)


we found many corals at Pulau Tioman


There are plenty of nice beachs


Kota Tinggi waterfalls is a nice rest stop if you happen to go by that area.


Bring a water bottle per child and a windbreaker/rain jacket. It is raining season in January and also humid.

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Well the beach is not really near KL...a few hours drive actually.


Definitely see and go up in the Petronas Towers.


Go to the Suria KLCC where the Petronas Science Center is. It is really great.


There is Sunway Lagoon.


The Aquaria aquairum.


The Berjaya Times Square complex actually has an indoor amusement park with rollercoasters! And an indoor archery range and a bowling alley and a million other things to do.


KL Menara tower, Batu Cave, the Bird Park


Those are just the places I have been. There are more. You will love it but expect HEAT... it is very, very hot this time of year.

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