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My kids... ugh.



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  1. 1. Are your children acting like wild people because of the holidays?

    • Yes!
    • No!
    • My children are perfect.
    • What holidays?
    • Chocolate.

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My children are wild all the time. They are always fighting and my oldest is always making weird noises. The holidays have nothing to do with it. Our last day of school was today. Well, I called it school. We finished "A Christmas Carol" and did math. That's school, right? Readin' and 'rithmetic.

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I answered Yes but the truth is that the craziness won't actually start until tomorrow when the first college kid gets home. My two youngers are pretty quiet, but things tend to get rowdy once the 21yo gets home on leave. Once once the 18yo gets added in with all her friends home as well, I suspect it will get downright chaotic.


I'm sort of looking forward to it!

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They've all had the Flu. A horrible, horrible flu. At this point I haven't gotten sick. Given the trajectory of how this is working through the house, I may just go ahead and cancel Christmas. Dh is, like, "Then we won't have to travel for Christmas!" Right. But I'll be in bed with a fever.


So I voted "What holidays?" But here's hoping.

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