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Vegeducated - New release on Netflix - Vegan Lifestyle


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I watched this movie/documentary last night. Pretty good. Made me miss Portland, Oregon deeply...deeply. You know how Portland can get under your skin..anyhoo...


Happened to see this float by on the net today, an article with titles...and it lists the worst cookbooks for 2012.


Withholding sharing my opinion. I'm reading it as a comic strip with a light heart..but anyway




(scroll through the little photo on the stream to view and read criticisms)


Pioneer Woman is in here.

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I just watched this today, thanks for the recommendation! I don't really have a problem with the processed food b/c it was explained it was being used as transition food and we all like treats sometimes. It also pointed out that just b/c a food fits vegan requirements doesn't mean it is tofu and bean sprouts. Really, what is more mainstream than Oreos? : :laugh:


And that poor college student who just wanted to be able to eat with her family! Such a hard situation to make that change but she seemed so dedicated to it after what she learned. Overall, very interesting to watch.

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