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Strange eating pattern - any problems with it?

Laura Corin

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I know that the common pattern of meals has changed over the centuries, but is there any problem with doing something different from the current norm? Any health effects I should know about?


I work part time: 9.15 to 3.15 or 2.15. I used to take a half-hour break at around 12.30 for lunch. But I found that when I got home at 4 or 3pm I would eat the equivalent of lunch all over again. I was tired and I just ate. I tried to stop myself doing that, but it wasn't working. Then one day I forgot to take lunch to work, so I just ate when I got home. That worked fine, so I've carried on doing it. So most days, my pattern is:


7.30 eat breakfast

3.00 or 4.00 eat lunch

7.15 or so eat supper


I don't snack during the day, but I have cups of tea with milk mid-morning and mid-afternoon.



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This is the way my dh has been eating for forever. He grabs a small breakfast, then he works like crazy until he's too hungry to continue, usually around 4:00, so he eats a big meal. Then when he gets home he usually just wants a late light supper. It works for him! I think it should be fine for you.

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I think as long as you feel fine it doesn't matter. I really struggle if I eat that lunch that late but if you aren't feeling tired or really hungry I doubt it matters when you eat. We tend to eat 4 meals. Breakfast, an early lunch about 11am. A big snack about 3-4 and dinner between 6 and 7.

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