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Help me reevaluate re:dyslexia


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Ds has dyslexia as well as vision disorders. He works twice weekly with O-G therapist. At home this semester we reviewed therapy work and reviewed, slowly, short vowels and worked on spelling those words. He actually was able to spell them in sentence form via dictation! Last year in ps he got two words right the whole year so this is huge. His phonics are also now on grade level but he still needs lots of practice. Btw, he is 9 and is third grade by age but was held back last year.


In regards to vision we had hoped to start therapy in jan but we took a fifty percent paycut and that is now out of the question. I did however pick up a at home program for 25 at our used bookstore so we will do that 15 min a day as directed. (Btw, has anyone ever used this?)


So I've been light on him but we need to get more serious. So what would you do in addition to the therapy? I've considered doing a formal spelling-any thoughts? Would you start cursive? I am going to add English for the thoughtful child as a very gentle grammar primer. Would you just read? Continue with progressive phonics (what we used for short vowels)? Add ETC? I need guidance! Thanks.

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Your choices may depend on his learning preferences. For my oldest when he was at the same point, we stuck with the tips in Reading Rescue 1-2-3 and lots of worksheet, co-reading type activities. I did a lot of the scribing for him though, even when we were using worksheets. I tried several computer based programs with my oldest but he didn't care for them. Most of the computer programs use awards or time limits and that was frustrating for oldest DS. DD really didn't care for most of the computer based learning either-they take too long and she has art to do- all other subjects are just an annoyance to her. But she did/does enjoy Jumpstart and has learned a lot from it.


Take a look at the sample lessons at Click N Read. My 7 y.o. likes using the program. I just subscribed to ETC online for him as well. He seems to be OK with it so far. ETC doesn't offer lessons, just practice and you are awarded different tokens based on how well you do. So I don't know how well 7 y.o. would do if I wasn't using other programs as well. The full subscription to Starfall.com has actually brought my 7 y.o. a long way- the math and reading go up to a mid-2nd grade level. Also, Iknowthat.com has a lot of phonics work, starting with the short vowels and working forward from there.


I probably wouldn't introduce spelling just yet. For 7 y.o. (and the other kids) I have started introducing some spelling rules, and am continuing with phonics (blends, dipthongs, diagraphs and all that fancy stuff). I don't ask him to spell for me though. Dictation has been very beneficial for him though. We have a journal and he has to make entries each day based on what we are learning, plus the date. When a spelling rule comes up in what we are writing I discuss draw it to his attention.


I use dry erase boards quite a bit. I may write 4 or 5 blends and then ask Ds to finish them with a word or I'll write the different spellings for a long vowel sound and words to go with it. The kids like messing with dry erase markers so it keeps them involved. ;)


For my oldest and my DD I think co-reading was the key though.

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