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Practically new dishwasher leaking


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My 10 month old Bosch is LEAKING..... at least I assume that is the source of water under my sink, as it is not coming from anywhere else.....




So now I get to figure out if it's covered by the one year installation warranty.... or the one year manufacturers warranty. Or neither.

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Feel the outside of all the pipes and tubes...what is wet? ...I will assume it is the dishwasher drain tube for now... : )


Check the fitting where the dishwasher drain tube connects into the sink drain. It may be loose. But if you remove it for any reason, have a bowl ready...usually the drain tube holds a bit of water where it loops. Also, check to see if the water is running down the outside of the tube. There might be a small hole in the tube somewhere, which could most likely be fixed with a bit of quick drying, waterproof sealant. Replacing the entire drain tube would be a pain...so check those things first.



If all is well with the drain tube, it could be that the rubber rings between the sink and sink drain need replaced. That is a common cause for leaks. It is an easy fix with two people...you will need a great big wrench and someone with strong arms... : )

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