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What do i do with this? :-(


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I just a call back from the research center. I now that ds is not autistic and is complex and has a low IQ. :-( What does this alone tell me?


She said that his (still unnamed) language disorder is sooooo severe, that it is reducing his overall scores. But she does not feel that it's being reduced by much. The non verbal portions of the testing were very low.


We must do neuropsych sooner than i can pay for testing, so i have to go with non qEEG testing. I'm fine with this for now.


The very slight positive is that he may now qualify for some services.

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You wrote that he has a 'low IQ'.

But IQ has 2 sides to it?

Firstly the ability to process information.

Secondly to demonstrate an understanding of it.

Reception and expression.

Where for instance, you noted his non verbal testing as very low.

Yet in another post, you noted that he does well in math. Which relies on non-verbal processing.

So that we have a contradiction here?

But I would suggest that he tested low on his ability to demonstrate his non-verbal processing?

Which comes back to his 'low lying cerebellar tonsils', which are in the gateway between processing and demonstration.

Where the crucial distinction that needs to be made? Is that while cerebellar tonsils disrupt the communication between the Cerebellum and the nerves that extend from the spinal column. Their is no reason to conclude that their is any issue within the Cerebellum?

Where I am currently looking into what is termed as Angelman's Syndrome. Where a deformation of the lower rear skull, compresses the Cerebellum, with consequences.

That effects both cognitive function, as well as expression. But varies, in relation to the specific malformation.


But the real issue with his 'low IQ' and neuropsych testing? Is that it wont separate his cognitive ability, from his ability to demonstrate it?

Where I strongly suspect that he fully functioning cognitive abilties, across the the auditory, visual and spatial processing realms?


Where perhaps you could picture the top of your spinal column, as the gateway between your brain and every organ and muscle in your body and head?

With a bundle of neural wiring passing through this gateway.

Where any malformation of the bone within this area, that reduces the space? Will effect the development of the neural wiring?

Where in terms of a language disorder, the neural wiring that connects to oro-facial muscles used in speech. Extend from the top of the spinal column at C1.

So that his (still unnamed) language disorder?

Quite likely resides in a delayed or disrupted development of the neural wiring from his C1 ?

Where a starting point, is to define whether any lesions occurred, resulting in specific non-functioning muscles?

Then to the development of control over their flexion/extension.

Followed by coordinated muscle control/ motor planning.


But my crucial point, is that his IQ needs to be looked at from 2 sides?

His ability to process and understand information?

Then his ability to demonstrate it?

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Geodon- your posts seem to contain some very good information, but i unfortunately have a very hard understanding them. :(


I could post 20 pages about my son, contradict every statement, and still be describing him accurately. Lol. He's a complex and difficult little dude.


He seems to do very, very well in his math, but not the day of the lesson. Yesterday, for example, we did shapes. Quadrilateral, square, rectangle, triangle, and circle. Yesterday he could not accurately name the quadrilateral, square, or rectangle. He could point accurately, when asked. Today? Not only can he identify them, he can accurately say the names.


This same thing happens with phonics. You can nearly see all the little wheels in his head spinning while Elizabeth is speaking. Yet the next day, he gets it. No review needed.


He can clearly repeat the young marine obligation and creed (google it) and i never had to break it down. We just read it daily. He can also state the creed out of order.


Just today his speech therapist of 7-8 months saw the extent of his scattered skills. When she evaled him, she noted the deficits and where he topped out. Last month he met a few goals. I'm not sure if i can explain this right-


His therapist tested skills x, y, and z. He did not do too bad, so she worked on them. She never thought to test skills a, b, and c, because those are prerequisite skills to be able to test at x, y, and z. Today she tested a, b, and c and they're not there. He now has some language goals, that according to everything known about language, he should have mastered years ago. But he's no where near it but can test way past that point.


I know this makes no sense, but i hope you can follow it.


When speaking, his grammar is age appropriate, vocab seems ok, but he can't tell you the function of a cup, flashlight, or jacket. He can't answer open ended questions. He can't tell a story using a sequence.


Today his occupational therapist lectured him on his lack of school work. She mentioned to him that maybe he needs to go back to school. This doesn't make sense because he IS generally doing his work! So in other words, he'd rather sit and be lectured than just speak up and say that he's doing what he's told to do!


The cerebellar malformation is being looked at. Hopefully we'll get some answers.

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I'm no expert, but that sounds like he does NOT have a low IQ but rather difficulty with processing the information. He needs longer than usual time for the information to "sink in". A kid with true low cognitive ability isn't going to show the kind of learning pattern you're describing.


IQ tests are designed for kids who fall within the typical range and may not be very accurate in those who have LD's.

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