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Why does it feel HARD to school?


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I love the idea of homeschooling. It's so hard.


My 5th grader is like 'blah' about her work. It's hard. If she won't do her work well or independently then I can't give my 2nd grader her one-one time, and my almost 4yr old is getting neglected. I feel like the 4yr old should go to preschool so she can be exposed to more things even if just a couple of hours a day. I'm feeling discouraged at the moment.


There's only one mom.


If you have a really unmotivated, highly distracted 10yr old, does it get better? When others of you share what your 10yr olds do sometimes I chuckle and feel reassured that it's the same as over here. But how can you do it every single day? I threatened her today with finding another method of schooling if she can't improve her attitude and get with the program. I told her her anger and negativity is affecting me daily and that I won't do that to myself. She's much better today.


Not sure what I"m looking for. DH and I have been talking about it and feel like we'd rather not send her to PS> now I'm feeling stuck.

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I have one son. I quit teaching him this summer and took about 4 months off. I was ready to go K12 or something along those lines, but my husband stepped up and taught ds while I was on strike :) I absolutely adored hearing dh yell at ds about paying attention. It wasn't just me dealing with the attitude.


I'm teaching again & we're doing a bit better. I still have to sit with him most of the day - and yes, he's 10.


It is hard.

I'm very glad he's an only so I'm not stretching my attention, although that might be better for him, poor boy.



Hope you find a solution or more patience.

I wouldn't be surprised if I end up on strike again before we're done with high school :)

It is hard & you're not alone.

It's also good though.

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I visited a much loved friend today who homeschooled her kids using state curriculum. She encouraged me, though, saying how well her kids did at the end. I will try to keep going and to improve our situation now matter what that means... changing things up or something. Keep any ideas coming.

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