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Teachers Lounge 12-18-12


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Come on in!


Today's treat is a smorgasboard of PopTarts

accompanied by the coffee, tea, or milk of your choice.


What's on your agenda today? Here: SURVIVING. Getting my own homework done, keeping the kids

on task, and taking dd's new kitten to get her sutures taken out.


Next year, I think I might take a brief sabbatical from my own schooling just so I don't have to study the

last two weeks of December! :tongue_smilie:


Talk to me! :coolgleamA:

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Good afternoon. Youngest is sick with a little cold so we're both cozy on the couch. She's watching movies and drinking warm tea while I'm cuddled in the blankets with her and working.


After years of working at home, I'm really good at tuning everyone out. Everyone has also learned when they need to leave me alone. I get the quiet I need or everyone gets sent outside - easy.

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So far we have done a quick school time for our together subjects. DD will do some independent work later during nap, and DS will finish his math problems then too.


I think I am going to turn on the manatee cam now as that is what we are studying in science.


I am hoping to get some laundry done and some sewing of Christmas presents in, but honestly, I am not very productive right now. I keep glancing outside and worrying about DH. We are having our first snow, and snow out here is a bad thing. We do not have roads that are good in snow, our road is not deiced ever, and it is a windy roller coaster hilly road. DH took the worst car for snow travel that we have to work today, and he is in a meeting. I am hoping he can make it home safely. I am trying to convince him via email to get home now...he is not convinced yet. :glare:


I might be baking cookies just to keep myself from bugging him repeatedly.

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