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MUS Alpha VS Singapore K Standards


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Which would you pick from these two and why?


We are doing MUS Primer this year and it has worked just fine. We are doing HOD LHFHG this year and just got to thinking since it is what they recommend now.


Would it be too much to try and do a little from each? I obviously wouldn't if my daughter protested. ;p

She'll be much closer to 6 when we actuqlly start this. I just plan to buy at tax time.



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We started all three children with MUS Primer . It only ended up working well for one through elementary (Zeta). Our dds didn't like it and weren't retaining what was being taught. We discovered they prefer a more spiral approach which CLE offers them. We have never used Singapore which is also mastery based like MUS. But many seem to like it. They are almost opposites in terms of ease of use among other things. SM is more challenging not only to use (multiple books) but more rigorous. Some switch from SM to Math Mammoth for similar rigor but better ease of use. MUS has a different scope and sequence than most programs making it harder to switch midstream if you discover its not working out.


Keep in mind that every child learns differently. And while all these programs have fans who swear by them, there are some kids with whom they are just not good fits. Only time will tell spent with each child, sometimes over several years. If something isn't working it can become painfully obvious.

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