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S/O GTD thread--12 monthly binders

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I'm going to quote Alte Viste Academy in the Organized thread.


One of the smartest things I have ever done... I have a binder for each month of the year (decorated cheaply by sliding seasonal scrapbook paper behind the plastic). I put all my Valentine's recipe and craft ideas into February's binder, 4th of July in July, etc. I also keep seasonal book and movie lists in these notebooks. At the end of each month, I pull out the binder for the next month, print out a month-at-a-glance page and start assigning ideas to actual days. Voila! Fun stuff gets done!


I think this is brilliant! Does anyone else do something like this? I'd love to brainstorm some ideas of what to include in each month's binder.


~saint and feast day ideas

~birthday/anniversary list

~seasonal recipes

~local activities

~familiy traditions


I'd love to hear more ideas!

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This sounds like a great idea! I will have to look at that other thread and brainstorm ideas for this. I have always thought about pre-making or buying birthday cards and organizing some way. This might be a way to do that.


Oh, and the activities- great idea. I always forget about things that I learn about months before the event. Just recently, I found out the place where we cut our Christmas tree also has a July berry fest. If I had a July binder, I could make a reminder page where I note when the fest is and the approximate cost so I can also budget way ahead of time. As my family has grown, I have had to miss festivals and events because admission for the entire family, even for a $5 event, can set me back too much for a spontaneous decision. If I know 'Berry Fest' or whatever takes place in July and write it down and budget for it, it won't sneak up on me when I read the paper in June and see the 'Berry Fest' ad and go though that whoops-wanted-to-see-that-forgot-about-it-can't-afford-it-now.

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If you're a pen and paper kind of person, then you might like a 43 folders system. It's the same concept, but it also includes 31 daily folders.


You can include:

- craft ideas for each season/holiday/etc

- printables (for example, we had our spelling test on Christmas themed paper)

- lapbooks

- miniature unit studies (Olympics, 150th anniversary of your state, etc.)

- brochures on upcoming displays at your local museums


If you want to include your entire household into the folders you could start adding notes on yearly maintenance, warranty expirations, reminders to schedule annual physicals, etc.

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Yes! I started doing this because i saw it on dawn's blog By Sun and Candlelight. She's a fellow paper/binder/notebook person it seems and her stuff is always pretty and organized :) she has great seasonal ideas both the natural seasons and liturgical seasons. It's worthwhile to search through her old posts on monthly activities, i printed her lists out to give myself a head start on ideas.

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I have followed Dawn's blog for years; I'm so excited that she is expecting! Years ago, I read about a woman who had files set up with one file for every day of the year. I tried that and it was total overkill. The good news is that I have enough files for lapbooks until 2022!! I'm not sure why I'm drawn to the notebooks over the folders. I'll have to ponder which way to go.

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I do monthly binders. Actually, I take out each month and binder clip the pages together so it fits better on my shelf. I only have the current month in an actual binder. I use Donna Young's one page calender slipped in the front with our appointments, playdates and classes.

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