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Dr Hive: Nighttime BM Accident


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Ds 5 yo had a BM accident last night. He is complaining of stomach pain today, above the belly button. I left a message with our GI. I am just not sure if this is something stress related (we have been traveling a lot this month) or if it might be constipation related.


Any advice??? Thanks in advance.

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I literally just went through this with my 8 year old. He had three nights of accidents.


He was constipated. I just made him sit on the toilet many times each day for looooong periods of time. I let him bring the computer in to watch netflix! Lol. No straining. Just sitting.


I added a little miralax to his drinks for a few weeks.


We're now all good to go.


As long as your ds does not have other symptoms, I'd treat it as constipation for at least a week.

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