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S/O List of States Allowing Homeschoolers to Play Public School Sports

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  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona - YES
  4. Arkansas
  5. California - NO
  6. Colorado - YES
  7. Connecticut
  8. Delaware - NO
  9. Florida - YES
  10. Georgia
  11. Hawaii
  12. Idaho - YES
  13. Illinois
  14. Indiana - NO
  15. Iowa - YES
  16. Kansas
  17. Kentucky
  18. Louisiana
  19. Maine - YES
  20. Maryland
  21. Massachusetts - Up to the district
  22. Michigan - YES
  23. Minnesota - YES
  24. Mississippi
  25. Missouri - NO
  26. Montana - NO for high school, Up to the district for elementary & middle school
  27. Nebraska - NO
  28. Nevada - YES
  29. New Hampshire - YES
  30. New Jersey - YES
  31. New Mexico
  32. New York - NO
  33. North Carolina - NO
  34. North Dakota - YES
  35. Ohio - Up to the district
  36. Oklahoma
  37. Oregon - YES
  38. Pennsylvania - YES
  39. Rhode Island
  40. South Carolina - YES
  41. South Dakota
  42. Tennessee
  43. Texas - NO
  44. Utah - YES
  45. Vermont - YES
  46. Virginia - NO
  47. Washington - YES
  48. West Virginia
  49. Wisconsin
  50. Wyoming

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In MA, districts have local homeschool rules, there are no state rules except as based on several court cases (which mostly side w/ the freedoms of hoemschoolers). This means that many communities allow homeschoolers to participate, and some (like mine) do not.


Occasionally the idea of drafting state legislation permitting participation comes up, but the overarching view (at least in our current community) is to "let sleeping dogs lie" and keep things local, so as to not inadvertently give the teachers unions or others to suddenly claim a stake in homeschoolers' lives and methods. We currently have great freedom here in MA, to choose to school as we please.

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The state of Ohio leaves it up to each individual school district to establish its own policies regarding homeschoolers. The vast majority of public schools in my area do not permit homeschoolers access to the public school classes or extracurricular activities.


Of the schools that do have homeschooling policies, the policies vary widely. Some schools require the homeschooler to take a minimum of four classes at the public school, while other schools require that the homeschooler take only one class at the public school in order to participate in extracurricular activities.


As others have mentioned, some sports are very easy to play without needing to belong to a high school team. My kids tried many different sports when they were young. All three of them gravitated towards tennis. Tennis is an example of a sport that does not have to be played through a high school. In fact, many of the top tennis players do not play on their high school tennis teams because they don't want to take time off from competing at the national level.

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I also live in Ohio where it is up to local districts to decide whether homeschooled students can participate. I have only heard about one school district in my part of the state that allowed homeschoolers to participate in any activities. All of the other districts will only allow full time students in their extracurriculars.

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