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A faint line on an OPK just indicates that the test registered some of the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in your urine stream. This can actually happen at any time in your cycle, but yes, a faint line probably indicates you are sometime before or after ovulation.


An OPK is positive when the testing line is darker than the control line. That means there is enough LH to indicate a surge - or basically you have between 12-36 hours before you ovulate.


I have friends who test both morning and afternoon during their ovulation window, as the LH surge can be very short.

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Just wanted to say thank you again. I just tested again and it's a definite positive right away this time.


My LMP began December 2, so would this be a "normal" time to ovulate? This is my first cycle off BCP so I don't know what my cycle length would be. I guess what I'm asking is when to consider myself late for my next period.


With My 3yo, I got pregnant my first cycle off (on accident). My LMP was December 8, but I didn't get pregnant until New Years (we were trying to wait to TTC and thought we'd be safe to do it then). So, I didn't get a positive until mid-January.

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This does fall in the range of a normal time to ovulate.


You could also try an ovulation calculator:




Here is a good article on ovulation.




It can vary pretty widely. You will have a better idea once you know the number of days of your cycle.

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I didn't have great success with OPKs. I had better success in determining ovulation by charting my temp and watching other fertility signs after reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I successfully got pg with my two planned babies by charting. Got pg the first month with one and the second month with the other.

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