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I am going to go ahead and stir the proverbial pot


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And just ask for a vacuum cleaner recommendation.


My second dyson has died. I am rather hard on cleaning equipment, so that might be more about my heavy use than the cleaner itself. I need have a mix of carpet and hardwood, and have to carry the Vacuum up and down stairs. So something powerful but user friendly would be good. Preferably under $250. I would spend more if it were gong to last, but my dysons are only lasting a few years. Any repairs that require it being seen involve a long drive and up to 2 weeks waiting, which annoys me.

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Wow. That's impressive. I have no suggestions, but I am amazed that you've gone through two Dysons... I've had mine for 10 years. It's fallen down stairs, sucked up all manner of junk, etc., and still just kept going.


Maybe you should talk to a vac shop about your vacuuming habits so they can match you up with the right machine. (Or it could simply be that nothing is made to last anymore. Sigh)

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