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Apologia Biology...

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Sorry guys as I know this have been beaten to the ground this year.


I am trying to put together a lesson plan for this. We will be using Live and Learn press for this.


I am trying to get an idea of what to schedule each day for this subject. I know two moms have a schedule on their websites (Core foundations and the Charlotte Mason style one...Thank you both!!)


Anybody else have any lesson plan to share? Any supplements that you added?




Holly who is trying to wrap up her planning....

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Doesn't Donna Young (.org, I believe) also have scheds for Biology?


It's "funny" as I am just starting to add LnL folders to my schedules. I talked to the company and they are okey-dokey with me posting it when I'm done.


Sadly, my son (DS2) is going into Gen Sci. (DS1 into physics -- and they don't have a folder out for that yet), so I'm working on that schedule first.


I'm afraid, though, that Donna Young is the only other one I can offer.


But, it's killing me, what's the CM schedule like? (Can you link me?)


DH says I have a nasty addiction to schedules. . .

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Hi Holly,


I have a schedule for the 2nd edition of Apologia biology that I'd be happy to share. Just pm me and I'll e-mail it. It's based on a schedule I found on Donna Young waaaay back, but I've tweaked it a bit.


Also, did you see this thread about Apologia biology?






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