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Callind Dr Hive... insulin resistance questions...

Jann in TX

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My middle dd has always had health issues (she was a preemie and had RSV as newborn that caused breathing issues for the first 11 years of her life -- read this as TONS of oral steroids...


She is hypo-thyroid and has PCOS. She is taking Metformin for insulin resistance.


Tonight she had a large salad at 8pm (spinach with grated italian cheese and oil/vinegar dressing) followed by a small piece of her leftover birthday cake.


At 10pm her heartrate started racing-- her sister called 911 (they share an appartment)-- heartrate was in the 'normal' range when paramedics got there but blood sugar was 69 (isn't that low? since she had eaten)--she was visibly shaken (according to her sister).


She takes her Metformin at night-- and had not taken her dose today.


Any thoughts as to what is going on? Is 69 'low'? Too much Metformin, possible diabetes? (runs in family)... panic/anxiety attack?-- she just finished finals week after a rough semester...



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69 is low. I suspect the cake caused her sugar to spike then drop low, too many simple sugars and not enough protein/comes carbs.



Yup. Salad even with some grated cheese doesn't give much protein. Add cake to that and it is a recipe for her sugar to spike and then crash. 69 is not low for a non-diabetic or even a non pre-diabetic. It is low for someone whose sugar tends to run higher.

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