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How to figure GPA when some courses are pass/fail?

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Yes, I simply don't add those hours into the calculation.


Only one acceptance so far, but no one has questioned the reason of pass/fail. Somewhere on there I've stated that I don't give grades for discussion based classes or classes that don't have an outside method of testing. (If the publisher of the text does not provide tests, I do not give a letter grade.) So far no problems.


ETA: We're up to 2 acceptances with no issues from the pass/fail classes.

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Yes, I do not count the hours of pass/fail courses for the calculation of the GPA.

That is the whole point why I make some classes P/F: I do not believe it is sensible to average the grades for subjects like calculus and PE. Thus, I only give letter grades in academic subjects where an objective evaluation is possible, and only those will count for the GPA.

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On my daughter's transcript, I had the notation "P indicates participation in a class in which a letter grade was not provided."


She had this notation for courses such as


Intensive Beginning Japanese (a summer course offered as community education by the local community college)

Swing Dance - Beginning (this and the next two classes were offered by a homeschooling resource center)


Beauty & the Beast Musical Theatre


She applied to ten colleges, was accepted by eight and wait-listed at a ninth. None of the colleges questioned this approach.




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I didn't include it in the calculation. The only classes I had as pass/fail are ones that wouldn't lend themselves for evaluation and were not academic classes for us: PE, Music (piano, theory and appreciation), Religion, Health, Consumer Finance. My GPA wasn't questioned any where and my son was accepted at all 4 colleges where he applied and was offered their top scholarships.

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