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Indiana Homeschool getting started

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It's pretty simple. Here is the state website - http://www.doe.in.gov/student-services/home-school


Because she is pulling her kids out of public school, she will need to register her homeschool with the state - it's on that main website, click the Homeschool Enrollment Report Form. This is not required of all homeschoolers, but everyone I know who has pulled their kids out of public has been asked to register, simply so the public school can then prove that the child is not simply truant.


Then click on the Homeschool Help Sheet on that main webpage. It tells how to transfer the student from public school to the homeschool, and says you need to notify the current principal in writing.


Good luck to her!! Homeschooling in Indiana is pretty hassle-free, I have yet to run into any family who has had serious problems withdrawing their kids, so tell your friend not to worry :-)

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You don't have to register with the state. Just go to the admin building or wherever they do records and say they want to transfer them to their homeschool. If they want the school records transferred to them, they can. My kids were so young I didn't care about the so called records. The school might say you have to register the kids, but that's not true. I did register because I didn't know the truth was its optional.

I'm not against registering though, because quite frankly I don't care if the state knows...essentially they would either way if you're pulling them from a public school and saying "I'm homeschooling now"

Just make sure she makes the school aware she is transferring the children. Not withdrawing and don't just not show up. They don't want any alleged truancy.

It really should be easy.

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I understand that you want to be able to help them, but if they will be hs'ing here they need to know the laws. KWIM? So I would direct the family to the various resources and let them review the information. The DOE website offers up one interpretation of the law, other resources will offer up another. IMO, it is very important for each family to read the law themselves and make a decision as to what it means for them. If someone here says you don't have to do something and it turns out you do, it is the family that will pay the price.

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