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Science in a Nutshell life science kits—worth it?

Erica in OR

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I was at a thrift-type store today that is going out of business at the end of the month. They had three of the Science in a Nutshell life science kits, unopened: One and Only You, Body Basics, and The Human Machine, if I remember correctly. The owner offered to sell me the three as a group for $20. I see online that they're fairly expensive new ~$45 each. I know it's a very good deal moneywise, but if I'm not going to find them useful, any amount of money isn't worth it KWIM?


We'll hit the biology cycle not next school year, but the following. Has anyone used these, and if so, are they worth purchasing? My youngest kids who would use it would be 4th and 7th grades. The websites lists the kit levels as grades 3-6. Is that fairly accurate?


Erica in OR

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