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DD 12 first literary analysis -- please review


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Here is my daughters first literary analysis. We are slowly using Windows on the World. I like math and critiquing this is beyond me! Note -- the numbers in brackets refer to page numbers in the book for reference. Thanks in advance.






“The Most Dangerous Game,†by Richard Connell, is an outstanding example of the timeless good-against-evil plot. The reader is thrilled by the suspense, drawn in by the lucid descriptions, and stimulated by the excellent characters. In this brilliant work, the true beauty of literary techniques shines. The story exploits foreshadowing and expressive imagery to increase apprehension.

The reader’s fear for Rainsford builds throughout the story with the clever use of foreshadowing. While Rainsford converses with his friend Whitney, he unconsciously leaves the reader slowly realizing something deplorable is happening. The reader learns Rainsford’s worldviews, “‘the world is made up of two groups [15]’,†and hears a curious statement, “Luckily you and I are the huntees [15],†making him ponder: if luck runs out, could man become hunted? When Whitney muses “…‘evil is a tangible thing, with wave lengths…’ [16]†the reader understands that the island is evil. He hopes Rainsford will sail away. And while Rainsford speaks with the general during dinner, when “‘he [finds] the general… appraising him’ [17],†the reader’s mind shrieks “Why? What is going on?†The statement, “‘we will have some excellent hunting –you and I’,†reveals the hideous truth that the general hunts man and wants to hunt Rainsford, leaving the reader in horrible tension. Suddenly the reader realizes: Rainsford is in imminent danger.

With the clever application of vivid imagery, the reader is able to “see†the story, thus making us relate to, and fear for, Rainsford. The first instance the reader sees this particular technique is when Rainsford is on the island and stumbles upon the general’s house, where the reader, “… [sees]… pointed towers… stone steps…massive door with a leering gargoyle for a knocker. [16]†The “pointed towers†and “stone steps†make the reader subconsciously think of castles and wonder why there would be such a structure on a deserted island. The “massive door†causes the reader to speculate that something might be forcibly held in the ‘castle’. Furthermore, the general’s description is extremely detailed and almost frightening. He has “hair [that is] vivid white… Thick eyebrows…and beard …as black as the night… [as were] his eyes. He had high cheekbones, a sparecut nose, a spare, dark face-the face of a man used to giving orders…â€It is described as dark, the reader thinks, to suggest that his deeds are ‘dark’, or evil? The “sharpcut nose†brings to mind a shark, ready to eat any animal in the sea. Could “…used to giving orders†mean he can order people to do anything…even kill each other? The possibilities loom before us and we fervently hope Rainsford will survive against the odds.


Through the clever use of foreshadowing and imagery, we are able to visualize the scene, figure out what will happen before it happens, and sympathize with Rainsford’s desperate plight. The story is more understandable through the clear, easy-to-understand descriptions; yet they are dark, giving the feeling of despair. Through this, we may confidently say that Richard Connell’s “Most Dangerous Game†indeed contains some of the best examples of literary techniques found anywhere.

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Very well written. I have only one editing comment:


In this brilliant work, the true beauty of literary techniques shines needs to be either "the true beauty of literary technique shines" or "the true beauty of literary techniques shine". I prefer the first, as does DS15.


The subject of the sentence is "beauty", so "shines" is correct; "techniques" is the object of the preposition "of".

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