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why can't they inform you?


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A rant...

I just don't understand people. I saw a WTB in the classifieds and responded. Since it was an older post and the item they wanted I had stored away I notified by PM that if they were still interested I would go dig it out. They responded very quickly, yes, still interested. So I go dig it out, give info and wait....no response. No, not interested. No nothing. Why do people who are engaged in an active message conversation just stop with no explanation? Even a Hey look I am interested but will be gone for x number of days. Even sick I manage to get on the computer. I understand if a major event happened (death, destruction, or hospital) but short of that there is no excuse for a simple pm to let the other person something. Now I don't know if I should lug this box back into storage, keep it out or maybe even post it on the classified board (since it is out already and I don't want it anymore).


Just needed to vent...rant over.

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