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Report Back on SpeechQ and WordQ


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I posted a few weeks back asking about info on word processing assist programs for Dysgraphia, and thought I'd share what we have found.


My 13 year old son has been using WordQ and SpeechQ for about two weeks now. He tried to use it without watching the tutorials, but quickly discovered he needed to watch them to get the hang of the program. He did so, and it didn't take that long as the online videos are at most 4 minutes in length, and they walk you through every feature.


Though it is pricey at $279, we quickly saw its value the first time Matt used it. For him, the best feature has been the speech function that reads back the typed text for him. Matt can hear his mistakes but he can not see them when trying to edit. When I used to sit with him and edit while i read out loud, he'd stop me and say,"That was dumb, why did I do that?" and then tell me to put a comma or period in. With SpeechQ, he can go through his work three or four times, having it read back to him while he edits on screen when he hears a mistake.


While he still makes mistakes, they are far less obvious and his writing actually finally makes sense!!! He grinned from ear to ear the first paper he typed on it, as he knew even before having me look at it that it was much improved.


Hope this gives someone else some info!



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