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help me replace my favorite measuring spoon


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I lived 14 years without a garbage disposal. Now that I've had one for a year, I can't tell you how many things I've destroyed with it. Small things just slip in there. Today it was my favorite measuring spoon. It came with an old bread machine so I doubt I can easily replace it. But just in case anyone knows of something like it, I thought I'd ask.


It was very simple. One side was a teaspoon measure, and the other side was a tablespoon measure. Each side had a line in the middle denoting the halfway mark. It was made out of semi-transparent plastic so it was easy to measure half a teaspoon and half a tablespoon. I'd use it to eyeball 1/4 teaspoon by doing about half of half. I loved that I could do just about any measuring I needed with just the one spoon.


Seen anything like it?

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