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My boys are 8 and almost 6. Every year, the grandparents ask us to make a wishlist for the boys for Christmas/birthdays. My parents called the other day and mentioned that my in-laws have purchased just about everything off of the list, and now they don't know what to buy. Apparently my in-laws have gone overboard this year. I'm thankful for all they do, but I really don't know where we are going to put all of this stuff. My dad really wants to get the boys something to build with. They are already getting K'nex, Snap-Circuits, and a Keva contraptions catapult. They have Legos and Lincoln Logs. Any other ideas?

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I always ask relatives for movie tickets and Sonic gift cards for my boys.

I also have a list of books that the kids would like. Or video games, board games, or sports equipment.

We have asked relatives for HeadBanz game, Apples to Apples. And my ds9 wants a pogo stick! (I said no because ds12 broke BOTH arms earlier this year.)

A favorite movie is also good. And experiences are great, especially if there is some conflict between the grandparents. Ice skating, bowling, roller skating, movies, etc.

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