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questions re: music supplement for the common app


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I am thinking a bit ahead here as my ds is only a junior.


He has played the piano for 11.5 years and (IME) is pretty dang good! He may or may not pursue a performance degree in college - he hasn't decided that yet. However, we will want to send in the music supplement for the common app even if he is not doing prescreens/auditions. Here are my questions:


1) Is there a time length for the music supplement?

2) What is the format in which it is submitted - is it just a CD?


I asked these questions on CC on the common app forum but have not received any replies.




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Hello, have been sending in supplements for violinist younger son...definitely not a music major, but music has been a major extracurriculat activity. The common app doesn't handle the recorded media, just a few questions mostly for potential majors. Some colleges only take a CD, others have an online submission for .mp3 or .wav files and don't want the CD.. No time limits we've found, but admissions folks have said that only a sample will likely be listened to. Get the first few bars perfect! Eldest son did the live auditions bit, which is very intense, and he needed a CD early to get certain audition slots...good luck, and start early!

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