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Online Piano instruction for a 6 year old


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My 6 year old started piano this year. I myself have no music background so we've been learning together by going through Alfreds book.


We are just nearing the completion of the first book and I would like to add to it with something. (Ideally down the road we will be able to afford actual lessons but not at the current time)


I saw Simply Music on sale on the Homeschool Buyers Coop and was wondering if anyone here has used it and can tell me a bit more about it. I'd love to hear some thoughts about adding this in and still following through with Alfreds. Would they work together?

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I do not know anything about simply music. We are using Childrens Music Journey. You can use it online for a subscription; we chose to pay once and download the program. There is a free trial where you can try all of their software. They have other software targeted for older kids. We didnt like the other software, just Childrens Music Journey. Childrens music Journey is for early elementary, and it looks very cartoonish. My kids love it. It is kind of dated looking, but it works well and it is fun. My 8yo, 6yo, and 4yo are all using it. My 4yo doesnt always catch on as easily as the other two, but he still has fun.

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