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Need book ideas for next year's Book a Week


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So, I failed miserably at this year's Book a Week challenge. I had such good intentions, but it was just a bust. :thumbdown:


I thought I would get a head start for next year's challenge by trying to be a little better prepared with a book list ready to go. What books should I put on my reading list? What book is your favorite-all-time-ever book? What book did you read that took you completely away with it? What book did you literally not put down till you finished it (I'm talking had it at the stove with you while cooking and taking it to the bathroom with you kinda book)?


:w00t: <~~~ pretend this is me, anxiously waiting for your books since we don't have the all ears smiley anymore.

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I really like memoirs.


Off the top of my head a couple I've liked:

Niether Wolf Nor Dog by Kent Nerburn http://www.amazon.com/Neither-Wolf-nor-Dog-Forgotten/dp/1577312333

My Life with the Saints by James Martin http://www.amazon.com/My-Life-Saints-James-Martin/dp/0829426442/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1355379468&sr=1-1&keywords=my+life+with+the+saints+by+james+martin+sj


Is this the one you were looking for? :bigear:

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One of my all-time favorites is Lavinia by Ursula LeGuin. It's The Aeneid re-imagined from the point of view of one of its minor characters, and it's absolutely lovely. I also enjoyed The Penelopiad, recommended to me by Mrs. Mungo--The Odyssey retold from Penelope's point of view. Very funny and thought-provoking.


You could also try Isak Dinesen. She wrote several collections of stories with a very old-Europe, gothic, moody feel. Great winter reading. :)

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Favorites this year:


A Thread of Grace (WWII as told by Italians during the late part of the war, an interesting look at different faiths and Italian culture)

True Grit ('60s western coming of age novel, I just love the main character so much...she's so bossy and so 14)


When in doubt I like fairy tales.


The Book of Lost Things (kind of a dark interweaving of common fairy tales)

The Woodsman (the same thing but lighter and more girly)


Also on my favorites of all time list:

The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins)~Victorian detective fiction

How Green Was My Valley (Richard Llewellyn)~Welsh family saga

Till We Have Faces (CS Lewis)~retelling of the Psyche myth

Wild Swans (Jung Chang)~biography of 3 generations of Chinese women, from warlords to the cultural revolution

The Brothers K (David James Duncan)~another family saga, the '60s, baseball, faith, science, Vietnam

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