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Math and stomachache?


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My ds (turning 8 in a few days) often complains that his stomache hurts when he does hard math or is stuck with a hard math problem. He says that it doesn't hurt when he does easy math. It also doesn't happen when he does other subjects. I just wonder if any other kids have this problem.

With the GF being so popular and more people diagnosed with wheat sensitivity, I wonder if he could be gluten sensitive because he also has cold sores in his mouth quite often.

Any thoughts or similar experience with your kids?


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Too funny! I've been known to tell my oldest, "Math does not cause stomach-aches." Granted, he *does* have multiple digestive issues. When it's really bad, he won't play because it hurts. When it's more his normal discomforts, he notices at math time and bedtime (because that's when he's focused on it).


I've often heard of kids who didn't have a good public school situation who literally got doubled over with stomach aches before/during school. So emotions can play a part---I just don't think that's what is happening in our house.

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It is most likely an anxiety issue. Other signs are cold hands, chest pain and what the above poster mentioned.


Food sensitivity does not differentiate between subjects.



So I would think it an anxiety/"Idontwanna!" issue rather than a gluten issue.


Many years ago when my oldest disliked math, I would sit a chocolate chip on random questions throughout the problem set. When he worked to that point, he got to eat that chip. It took a remarkably small number of chips to get him through the lessons. :D


By the time he grew tired of the chips, he had a work habit established and told me one day that he didn't need them.


Chocolate chips might not be your bribery of choice, but think about something that would be fun and a good incentive that might work for him. A lego brick here and there, a shiny penny to add to his bank... you get the picture. It shouldn't take long to figure out whether he is truly suffering from math anxiety or if the stomachache is just a way to ditch math.

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I've been known to supply a small piece of chocolate for each page of math for my math-phobic child. Sometimes the division problems are too much for her and even the chocolate doesn't help. She doesn't have stomach problems during math, but she definitely can start to hyperventilate because of her anxiety.


It took me MONTHS to get her over it & now that we are back in the workbook, she's developing it again. :(

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